Thanks for all that you do for my family, my neighbours and our community. We are blessed to have you.

Bread Recipient, Dec 2021

The free clothing sale was best, I now feel like I have a wardrobe of clothes to choose from, I can decide what to wear instead of the same couple of things all the time

Visitor to our free winter clothing sale

You all do an amazing job presenting such a wonderful breakfast. I think the recipients would feel quite special seeing the beautiful food and the warm friendship. Well done.

Facebook comment from Merryl

Please keep sharing as I often get asked where there something I can do and that’s beneficial and gets to the family in need immediately; right here and now.

Councillor Carol Martin OAM.

It made our Christmas thanks.

Facebook comment December 2021

What a beautiful breakfast it was, thank you Rose and the wonderful volunteers. You all did a fantastic job. The generosity shown at CHATS is truly incredible

Facebook comment December 2021

I wish you were my Nana Rose hehe thanku im forever in debt with U, n as soon as I can I wanna volunteer


Thanks for being the light whom brightens the darkness for people to see forward

Regular breakfast visitor

Only CHATS would have made me tea like that so thank you was delicious sorry I missed you

Feb 2021 leaving a meal for someone living in their car

Guess who got offered a place yesterday due to you guys making some difficult and determined phone calls and running around on my behalf, they even said you will be so excited when I tell you

Long term homeless person, sleeping rough who had lost all hope. March 2021

If it wasn’t for breakfast I may not talk to anyone all week

A favourite elderly visitor at breakfast

Recently, I have come across a small local Port Adelaide charity organisation called “Community Help and Togetherness” (CHATS). CHATS is a honourable small scale charity doing their best to feed the homeless. Upon connecting with CHATS and seeing how they operate, it is evident that they do more than feed the homeless, they offer hope, connection and a sense of community to those who need it most; and that is something I simply must be a part of! I aim to support this local charity in the best way I know how; donating warm crocheted scarves and beanies. However with the support of my team, I am confident that we can pull together and contribute so much more with the approval of our committee

It feels like a privilege volunteering with CHATS. The opportunity to work alongside so many who care about the wider community and those most vulnerable.

A volunteer with CHATS